to be written
lettering of the heart



Meet the Artist

To Be Written began far before I knew I was a part of its pages. It was a dream born years ago that became a reality in early spring 2018.

Writing has always been a spiritual and mental outlet for me, but it wasn't until transitioning out of college that I really began playing with its letters. That's when this story began, but it was a slow read. 

For the majority of my life, I danced. I felt it to be my identity and calling, to express ideas and emotions through movement. Little did I know at the time that dance would lead me to calligraphy. The curves and motions of writing and the freedom and creativity of dance resemble each other; this realization brought me here.  In a step of faith, I'm waltzing into a new art form and career.

From the depths of me, thank you for joining me on this adventure.

With love,